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  • Charbon végétal activé éco-responsable 200 gélules
Charbon végétal activé éco-responsable 200 gélules
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Marque: Nat et Form

Charbon végétal activé éco-responsable 200 gélules

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Charbon végétal activé éco-responsable 200 gélules

Activated vegetable charcoal absorbs many undesirable compounds, thus reducing intestinal gas and helping to restore a flat stomach.

Its remarkable ability to absorb organic molecules and toxic gases opens up a wide use for it, ranging from gas masks to drugs against digestive disorders.

Activated charcoal remains in the digestive tract where it is perfectly tolerated. It absorbs many undesirable compounds thus reducing intestinal gas and helps to find a flat stomach.

First range of organic "eco-responsible" plants
- Plants from controlled organic farming only.
- A PEFC-certified cardboard pill box, a 100% vegetable lid
- Reduced anchor density to 27%.
- A unique quality/price ratio.

The products in the eco-responsible Nat & Form range are composed of plants from organic farming, wrapped in a capsule of vegetable origin.
According to the Agence bio, the AB label guarantees that the food is made up of at least 95% of ingredients from the organic production method, implementing agronomic and breeding practices that respect natural balances, environment and animal welfare.

Each raw material sourced by the Purchasing department is validated, before supply, by the Quality department. This concerns in particular microbiological and chemical criteria, but also means of production, certifications and any other data likely to influence the quality of the final product.
- Upon receipt of the material, it is immediately placed in quarantine. According to the company's self-checking plan, sampling is carried out and internal laboratory analyzes are carried out before any entry into the storage areas.
- During each manufacturing cycle, computerized management of the batches makes it possible to check the conformity of the products. In addition, a systematic and permanent control of weights and dosages is carried out.
- At each production run, a control sample is made and kept in a sample library for a period equal to the Optimal Use Limit Date plus one year.

- Gluten free.
- Lactose free.
- No added sugar.
- Soy free.
- No additives or preservatives.
- GMO free.
- Not irradiated.
- Not ionized.

Activated charcoal powder. Capsule of bovine origin.
Made in France.
Capacity: 200 capsules of 295 mg.
Net weight: 59g.

Take 10 capsules daily. 5 capsules 30 minutes before the meal and 5 capsules just after the meal. Directions for use
Children under 12, pregnant or breastfeeding women, consult a healthcare professional before use.

This food supplement cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep out of reach of young children.

Réf. : 045711

Charbon végétal activé éco-responsable 200 gélules

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