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  • Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer
Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer
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Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer

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Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer

Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer is a device that can measure fever from a distance for quick and efficient diagnosis.

Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer allows automatic adjustment of the temperature curve in order to obtain a measurement result of the temporal artery (TA) closest to the core temperature of the human body. It is particularly useful in the supervision of small children that parents can thus control while they sleep and without forcing them to undress. The various studies have shown that this method of taking temperature on the temporal artery (TA) is more precise than tympanic temperature and better tolerated than taking rectal temperature. This latest innovation provides the Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer with precision, reliability and stability in human body temperature measurements in all circumstances. In addition, the self-calibration algorithm of the Ferverflash non-contact thermometer ensures a reliable and accurate result of the human body temperature without interference with the surrounding heat.


During the very first use, after inserting the batteries, wait 10 to 15 minutes for the device to adapt to the ambient temperature. Press the On / Flash button to turn on the thermometer and place it at forehead level at a distance of 3 to 5 cm. Press the On / Flash button. The temperature is displayed instantly. The Feverflash thermometer automatically turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. Read the instructions for use carefully before use.


1 thermometer. 1 user manual. 2 AAA alkaline batteries

Réf. : 048286

Ferverflash non-contact medical thermometer

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